Lorenzo Seghezzi's new collection is a virtuosic outburst of the sartorial techniques gained in the last two years spent sewing eight, nine, ten hours a day.

It doesn't have a specific theme, inspiration or title. The collection perfectly represents me in this point of my life. It's an explosion of love for a passion that now has become a full time job. It's an homage to my aching back and sore hands tormented by needles, pins, pliers and corsetry steel boning. It's a thank you for my family and all the people that morally, psychologically and financially supported me in the last two years. Thank you.

Pictures by Pietro Agostini (@pietroago)
Models: Trapezia (@la_trape), Trysha (@tryshatrashy), Alberto (@albertopelayo.jpg), Leona (@leona_vegas), Edoardo (@pugliedo), Cristina (@nathypelosa), Ander (@ander_rated, thanks to @morfosi_milano), Lisa (@lisastein_mood) & Alice (@aliicecapelli
Beauty make-up x Alberto, Edoardo, Ander & Alice by @mercurypierce
"Scratch & Jean" denim by ISKO™ 
Metallic zippers by YKK Italia