Over the past decade the LGBTQ+ community is experiencing a period of gradual improvement which we all hope will continue in the future. But that’s not enough, we are so far from a world in which every person is treated equally.
All minorities need a revolution, humanity can no longer rely on white binary heterosexual hegemony.

“Ok, but what does all this has to do with clothes?” you might ask yourself.
Well, every piece of clothing designed and made by Lorenzo Seghezzi aims to be a social, cultural and political statement against the abuses that the LGBTQ+ community endures everyday.

The main purpose of the brand is to be a tool for putting in discussion white, heterosexual and cisgender supremacy and to question machismo and masculinity as a symbol of strength and power.
“Masculine” or “feminine” are adjectives that really don’t have any place in Seghezzi’s fashion. Elements of both worlds are mixed up and presented in an unconventional way that makes fun on the traditional fashion codes. This goes way beyond the “skirts are for women and not for boys” stuff. Boys should also have their buttonholes on the left side of their shirts and women on the right one. Same with the fly that lets us expose our genitals when we take our pants off. Mens have it on the left and women on the right.
This is not the case in Lorenzo’s world, of course.
Cinched waists, padded bulges and extra padded shoulders are Lorenzo’s ironic take on the gender binarism bullshit but, keep in mind, they have nothing to do with identifiying the gender of the wearer.
It’s a statement, not a definition.
Every piece is designed to be worn by whoever feels comfortable in it.

Lorenzo Seghezzi is an artisanal brand that, other than social causes, also cares a lot about enviromental issues. The apparel industry is one of the main causes of pollution and consumism, two of the greatest problems in the world nowadays. Every year tons and tons of fabric leftovers (and by that I mean production scraps but also whole rolls of flawed, old and unused fabrics) are burned in inceneritors or thrown into landfills polluting the air we breathe, the water we drink and the earth we leave on.
Thankfully nowadays more and more young designers as Lorenzo Seghezzi are aware and concerned about all this.
Lorenzo’s commitment is to use as much as possible all those materials that most factories are about to throw away in his designs. Call it recycling, upcycling, reuse, repurpose or whatever you want. It’s the future of fashion. It has to be, for the sake of this planet.

Lorenzo Seghezzi personally takes care of anything involved in his brand. From concept to final product, everything is made by Lorenzo. Illustrations, paper patterns, fabric manipulations, most of the prints are hand made except for rare cases of digital prints also designed by Lorenzo. Every single stitch you see on any of his designs is sewn by his hands or his sewing machines.

By buying something on this e-shop you’re not only adding a new piece in your wardrobe.
You’re helping Lorenzo follow his dream to become a better creative, a better tailor, an indipendent businessman and a better advocate for all the causes mentioned above.