Lorenzo Seghezzi is an artisanal brand that, other than social causes, also cares a lot about environmental issues. The apparel industry is one of the main causes of pollution and consumerism, two of the greatest problems in the world nowadays.
Every year tons and tons of fabric leftovers (and by that I mean production scraps, but also whole rolls of flawed, old and unused fabrics) are burned in incinerators or thrown into landfills causing pollution of the air we breathe, the water we drink and the earth we live on.

Thankfully nowadays more and more young designers as Lorenzo Seghezzi are aware and concerned about all this.
Lorenzo’s commitment is to use as much as possible all those materials that most factories are about to throw away in his designs.
Deadstock and flawed fabric are also welcome, there's nothing more satisfying for the designer that turning something considered as useless into something beautiful.
Call it recycling, upcycling, reuse, repurpose or whatever you want. It’s the future of fashion. It has to be, for the sake of this planet. 
Of course, it's not always possible to use second hand materials. When an item has to be made in series textiles ,and sewing supplies often have to be bought brand new to guarantee more material availability.
Lorenzo Seghezzi guarantees you a conscious use of materials aimed to minimize waste.

Another major issue when it comes to the environmental problems is packaging.
Tons of paper, cardboard and plastic are wasted and thrown away after a single use. That's why Lorenzo Seghezzi's packaging is anything but fancy. They don't need to be. They are as much as possible second hand.