Our bespoke corsets are constructed based on your measurements to hug your body as perfect as possible.
They are made with a single layer of sateen coutil, a tightly woven fabric specially made for corsetry. It's available in black and sand colour and has a subtle sheen.

They have a split busk fastening on the center front to make it easier to put it on and take off and, are boned with flat steel and spiral steel boning cased in external boning channels and an adjustable lacing system in the center back with 4mm eyelets and 6mm cotton string available in black and light beige.
The corset is not meant to totally close in the center back, it has a gap of about 3-5cm (depending on your proportions) that will allow you to keep the garment more loose or tight according to your preferences. That can also prevent fitting issues if you gain or lose some weight. A slightly padded modesty panel is bounded to the lacing system for preventing it from rubbing against your back and hurt you.


Take extra care while taking your measurements so that the garment will be perfect for your body and don't hesitate to contact us if you find it difficult and need some help.
Every human body is structured differently from one another.
This kind of measurements works better for "standard" (sorry for the ugly word) proportioned bodies so if you feel that they might not be enough just contact
Let's say, for example, that you have a slim silhouette with tight hips but have a prominent belly. That's perfectly fine, your waistline measurement has to be distributed in a way that gives more room on the front of the corset.
If you're not sure, a picture of the front, back and side view of your torso would be really appreciated.


You can choose a value between 3cm and 15cm. That being said, a 15cm is not recommended for someone who isn't used to wear corsets. You might find yourself unable to close it totally or, worst, really painful.
Take also into account your overall proportions, 10cm of waist reduction on an 80cm waistline are way different than 10cm of waist reduction on a 65cm waistline. 
The kind of body you have also makes a big difference. Basically, soft tissue is way more suitable to be cinched than muscles that can often be hard and pull back against the corset.


Every corset will need one to three weeks to be made depending on the amount of work.
Take in consideration that almost all corsetry supplies can't be found here in Milan and have to be ordered in the UK so some delays might occur. Of course, the COVID-19 pandemic can also cause further delays. Anyway, you will be updated throughout the whole production process and any issue or delay will be reported. 

Send an email to if you have any questions, problem with taking your measurements or want an update on your order.